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Health & Safety

We will train all our employees at time of registering in the following areas

Safety Orientation

Health & Safety Program & Policy

Emergency Preparedness Training

Introduction to the JH&SC & review of their function

Employees rights, rules and responsibilities

Occupational Health and safety Act

Refusal To Work

Illness/injury reporting procedure

Lockout/Tagout standards and procedures

Disciplinary process

Manual Lifting training

Personal Protective Equipment

Awareness of Worksite hazards/hazardous materials

Forklift testing and proof of certification

Math/English comprehension

Early & Safe Return to Work

Hot Work/Welding


Awareness Of Worksite Hazards/Hazardous Materials

Recognizing Safety Hazards

Health Hazards

Hazard Symbols

Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHIMS)

Good Manufacturing Practicing Orientation
Working Alone Guidelines


Health Policy

Hygienic Practices

Illness and Injuries

Personal Behavior


Product handling

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